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Picture yourself on a veranda in Tuscany, scanning the scenic valley below, sipping a glass of Chianti and nibbling on a plate of cheeses and fresh preserves. That is how you will feel every time you pull out one of our beautiful serving pieces form Europe2You. All of their tabletop items, including coasters, serving trays, iPad stands,  cheese boards, and cutting boards, are made from reclaimed wood and are 100% sustainable. Each piece is finished with mineral oil and beeswax, making them an eco-friendly and chemically-free option.


Inspired by antiques pieces found throughout Europe. These pieces are hand-crafted investments you can be used with pride for years. No new wood is ever used in these beautiful serving trays and cutting boards. Europe2You is a husband and wife team who are dedicated to ensuring that these vintage inspired re-creations are true to their sustainable roots. Each piece of wood in this collection is reclaimed or recycled from 19th century buildings.


We are proud to carry this beautiful line at our stores, and to tell the story of how they were made. These pieces make a wonderful gift for the holidays, and can also be a beautiful addition to your table, as the Holiday party season approaches. Impress your friends with the quality, sustainability, and unique nature of these pieces. We can guarantee that no two pieces are the same!

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  1. Posted by Kitchen Design

    I love the romantic view of Tuscany. If I love Tuscany, I would also love their pieces. The antique inspired pieces are so pretty to use as decor in your house. Thanks for giving me an idea for my home decors and holiday gifts for my loved ones.

    Posted December 7, 2015 at 2:26 am | Reply

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