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The modern day tassel is a thing of beauty and style.

Gone are the days when tassels and fringe were associated with stuffiness and antiquated times.  Today’s tassels have reinvented themselves with bright colors, new materials, and style! They bring a sophisticated yet fun aesthetic to your home, and you can find them on anything ranging from drapery to drawer pulls.

History of the Tassel

Did you know that tassels can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Biblical times? According to the Hebrew bible, the Lord instructed Moses to tell the people of Israel to attach tassels (or “tzitzit”) on the corners of their garments, to remind them of the commandments. In ancient Rome, the word tassel comes from the Latin word “tassau”, which means the clasp at a garment’s neck. In 16th century France, skilled French tassel and trim makers established the first Guild of the Passementiers, turning the tassel into an object of ornamentation. Each one was made from precious materials like silk and gold threads, making the tassel a sign of wealth and prominence. From there, the tassel gained popularity all across the globe in fashion and home décor, and can be found in almost every culture today.

Favorite pieces:


Lee Industries | Leather Fringe Chair


World’s Away | Hensley G Gold Leaf Tassel Lamp


Currey & Co | Nicolene Chest



Caracole | Oh Henry Side Table


Schumacher | Norfolk Tassel Fringe


Uttermost | Carbonado Chandelier


Eastern Accents | Edris/Lagerfeldt Bolster Pillow

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