Foraged Greenery Wreath

A Southern Classic

When it comes to Southern traditions, foraging for holiday greenery is right at the top of the list.  As floral and event designer Karin Jeffcoat of Cote Designs describes it, “Here in the South we have a virtual smorgasboard of profuse foliage associated with the holidays – all free for the clipping right  along the roadside!  From multiple varieties of  magnolia, pine , and cedar – you can literally create magnificent wreaths and garlands with just a little know how and minimal investment.” 

Karin is a huge proponent of the wreath in all forms – hung on any door , window or mirror or used as a centerpiece on any table!  Follow her no fail steps below to start a tradition of creating your own foraged greenery wreath. 

 Wreath Making Home Decor Holiday Decoration

Step 1 – Gather your supplies 

  •  20 to 22” wire wreath base (purchased at any craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels) 
  • 20 gage wire on a roll (paddle wire) 
  • A good pair of clippers or cutters 
  • Oasis floral tape 
  • Floral wooden picks with wire 


Making Holiday Greenery Wreath

Step 2 – Forage for greenery, pinecones, berries etc. 

  • Always collect more than you think you will need – it takes about 18 bundles of magnolia to make one generous wreath. 
  • Don’t hesitate to use dehydrated fruit, pinecones,  or cotton in your wreath.  Cotton is abundant in the south but not accessible for clipping (cotton growers don’t take kindly to strangers in their  fields) Cotton is also available for purchase in most craft stores. 


foraging supplies

Step 3 – Get organized 

  • Separate you greenery into large bins or in stacks on plastic bags 
  • Lay out your wreath and tools on a large work surface 

 Wreath Making Supplies

Step 4 – Start construction of the wreath 

  • Make bundles of Magnolia and pine in 7”-8” in length and wrap with 20” gauge wire.  It will take 18 to 20 bundles to complete the wreath 
  • Start by wrapping a bundle onto the wreath form with the paddle wire – DO NOT cut the wire 
  • Apply the next bundle over the first in the same direction and wrap with wire – continue until entire form is covered 
  • Attached pine cones and cotton to wooden picks with wire and pick into the wreath randomly over the surface (you can use a hot glue gun to reinforce once they are located were you want them) 
  • Glue gun dehydrated fruit, nuts or berries onto the wreath  
  • Ribbon can also be added at the end – although some of us are purist and love the look of the simple foraged greenery, fruits, and berries. 


Magnolia Leaves Wreath

Step 5 – use your imagination  

  • Whether used traditionally on a door or untraditionally in a multitude of other spaces your  beautifully handcrafted wreath  will make a holiday design statement! 

 pine wreath holiday decor

Happy Foraging!! 

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