Focusing on the Humble Bench

As I have been settling into my new apartment I have discovered that I have a new love, benches! I have three fabulous benches in my tiny apartment, all with different uses.  I have determined that these benches have many wonderful functions.


A bench at the foot of the bed is a well loved look, I particularly adore the way it has been done in this classic space.   The bench and side tables have beautiful detail and the dark wood really pops in this soft and soothing color pallet.


In this dining area the rustic bench invites you to sit down and eat family style.  The white palette is calm and relaxed and allows the natural wood bench to really stand out!


In this space this simple white bench is used as a bookshelf of sorts.  This is a great spot for favorite books and tchotchke, a fun and casual way to display prized pieces!


This bench is a fine crafted piece of art that gives great beauty to a rustic space.  The pillows soften the hard wood and tile floor while the alcove and painting add interest to the wall!


In this mostly white foyer, the bench serves as a great pop of color and change in texture from the marble floor.  The purple fabric and gold legs compliment the beautiful painting on the opposite wall, while still letting the artwork be the focus.

A charming bench is a versatile piece to have; they make great drop zones and can always be used as extra seating.  I have realized that if I find a bench I love I get it, there is always a space for it and if you do run out of room, start stacking!

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