Flowers, Nature’s Great Accessory

A study from Rutgers University shows that flowers are as important to emotional health as eating right and exercise. Receiving flowers can instantly improve someone’s mood and create a lasting connection; they are nature’s medicine for our emotions.  A few weeks ago Lathem and I were lucky enough to attend a lecture by Margot Shaw, the Editor in Chief of Flower Magazine.  This was a fun and informative lecture and of course, made us even bigger lovers of flowers!  Margot had a few words of wisdom that she shared with us one of my favorites was “flowers punctuate a room”.  By this she meant they can be a great focal point in a room, also a great way to enter or leave a room.  The best way to achieve this is through “Small comments rather that big statements”, as Margot said.

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These bouquets would be quite effortless to replicate, it is as easy as buying a few bundles of different flowers in similar colors, a few snips to get the heights correct and done!  I believe that what makes this table setting so fabulous is the gorgeous china and the fact that the flowers match the china, a subtle touch that makes a big difference.


Similar to the previous picture, this arrangement is simply a combination of daisies, ranunculus, peonies and baby hydrangeas.  It appears that these brightly colored blossoms were not trimmed but just mixed together and placed in a beautiful vase!  It could not be more elementary!

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I love each of these individual arrangements for their uniqueness. Putting a few of the same small flowers in small vases is truly a fool proof way to do an impromptu arrangement.


This look is easily achieved and is the best way to liven up a room quickly!  Find a nice large vase or jar, go into the yard and clip some dogwood or cherry blossom branches, add water and you have an enjoyable arrangement that is sure to brighten the day of anyone who sees it!

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Here we have a table setting that is elegant and charming in it’s simplicity!  The arrangements are in only two colors but different varieties, a great was to add texture while keeping the look of the table effortless.


I had to add this photo because it includes my new favorite flower, alliums!  As they are perennials, personally I would love to have these in my garden.  This kitchen has a very neutral look but add a pop of purple and the space comes alive.

It is rare to see a professionally photographed room without flowers, if there are no flowers the photo seems bare and unlived in. We all deserve to be in beautiful spaces and flowers are the perfect way to accomplish this!  Margot insisted on making this possible by investing in great flowers, “Start with perfection, keep it simple”.  I believe this to be true for special events but for day to day purposes of simply lifting the spirit and beautifying one’s surroundings, inexpensive flowers from the grocery store will do the trick!


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