Faux Bois – Nature Inspired Design

Many people elect to incorporate items found in nature into the design scheme of their home. Often times, that includes the use of faux bois, which is the French term for fake wood. Over the years, the look of wood grain has been desirable in textiles, furniture, and even paper in interior design, but in recent years, the trend has shifted toward the use of items that look like actual wood.

The use of faux bois in a room adds a great touch of the outdoors to your home. This nature inspired design works in almost any style. For example, a faux bois piece that resembles drift wood would be a great addition in a beach style home, while mountain style home might include pieces that are inspired by the trees found in the area.

Here are a few photos that incorporate faux bois design elements.

This Branch Cabinet is available at Nandina Home & Design.

Can you spot where faux bois was incorporated in this design by Nandina Home & Design?

Faux bois inspired design doesn’t have to scream that you’re a tree hugger. When thoughtfully incorporated, it can be trendy, chic, and absolutely wonderful!

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