Fashion’s Influence On Interior Design

It has often been said that fashion influences interior design and that interior design influences fashion. One could argue both sides but in fact both are true, they influence each other almost equally. The reason that these two fields mix so well is the textile industry, some patterns and materials might look equally as good on a dress or a pillow. The beautiful thing about these two art forms is that the same rules can apply to both; invest in the classic basics and buy less expensive trendy pieces. Someone with true style knows how to mix the old with the new and the classic with the trendy, both in their home and in their wardrobe. Fashion trends tend to move quicker than interior design trends, due to the fact that fashion changes with the seasons, but there is also a movement in which people change the décor of their homes seasons, typically with accessories. Below I have gathered some photos of fashion and interior spaces with correlating components; each has classic structure seamlessly mixed (tied together) with in vogue details.





These images both use a classic color combination of royal blue and khaki. This room is largely traditional but the pops of bright blue keep the room fresh and exciting.





This beautiful teal can look great as a chic blazer or a charming update to an old chest. The gold hardware on both pieces is a handsome finishing touch!



Decorista Daydreams

These images are both utterly courageous, but they are built from great timeless pieces. If the mood strikes, either of these looks could be toned down with some neutrals for a completely different but equally elegant ensemble.



Decorista Daydreams

Here we have a bold color combination that works in this 1970s dress (that could still be worn today) and in this colorful foyer. The use of red, fuchsia and cobalt is quite a statement but when used the right way it is not overpowering but very beautiful!




Both this outfit and this dining room have successfully accomplished the tone on tone look, they are beautiful in that they have used teal instead of the typical neutral.
Fashion and interior design have many things in common. Putting together a great outfit has a similar process to putting together a great room, it is all about balance, color and a little creativity. After all…a great sofa that can be reupholstered time and time again is like the little black dress that you never get tired of!  At Nandina Home & Design, we’ll let you try on all the sofas you want to find the perfect fit!

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