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My first impression of Inman Park was quite wonderful; I had been visiting Atlanta my entire life but had never experienced the beauty of this fascinating little neighborhood.  It is Atlanta’s first residential suburb and also Atlanta’s first electric trolley neighborhood.  You could say Inman Park made a great first impression on Atlanta and although it has been through some rough times, the community is once again beautiful and bustling with activity.  As you travel around the streets one can not help but notice each home has unique and beautiful curb appeal.  The residents take great pride in their yards and every front porch looks inviting enough to go sit on the porch swing.  Creating a beautiful façade can be a lot of work but the planning is not so difficult. 


If you want a bold look, go with the complement to the house color, bright yellow with blue or violet.  This is a daring choice but will  give the entry some depth and beautiful contrast.

Blue Door in Virginia Highlands, Atlanta

If the house is neutral just about any bold color will work. Bright blues and teals are excellent choices for earth tones. This home has a neutral palette with its grey stone and lush green yard, so the bright blue door stands out but is not overwhelming. 

Red Gate in Poncey Highland, Atlanta

A bright color can be a perfect choice if your home is surrounded by an explosion of brilliant color from flowers and trees.  Here we have a door used as a gate and painted beautiful red, the front door is the same color.  This pop of color works because the home is yellow with orange trim and the yard is full of flowers! 

White Door in Poncey Highland, Atlanta

For a more subtle look, white trim on a light colored home can be quite stunning.  The home has a lovely manicured yard and the simple lines and color of the home let the yard stand out as the superstar!  Keep away from brilliant white because it is rarely found in nature and often appears stark. Whites with hints of other hues such as grey or yellow are often a better choice. 




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If your front door has special design characteristic, such as engravings, windows or a transom, painting the door a bright color will draw more attention to the detail and help the door standing out from the surrounding structure.   These two entrances got it right by using a bright color and keeping the rest of the façade neutral.  As in the first photo, you also can paint engraved, raised or sunken areas of the door itself a different color or shade of the same color, to make the detail stand out.
First thing, what do you want the entry to say?  Do you want the door to be the focal point or to be unobtrusive, do you want the focus on the landscaping or the house itself. Second take a look at the surroundings of the door, the plants, the brick, the woodwork and trim, even the soil can be inspiring.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression; make a positive announcement with the front of your home!

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