Welcome Fall!

With October just around the corner and football season in full swing, I finally decided it is time to bring out my fall decorations!  Hooray for cooler weather!  I have taken great joy in unpacking my boxes this year and even embarked on a few DIY projects (thanks pinterest!) around my own home.

Unfortunately, It’s easy to get frustrated with seasonal decorating.  You trudge up to the attic and huff down the four massive rubbermaid boxes and set your home up for a month or two, just to pack it all up again…exhausting.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way!  You don’t have to go pumpkin crazy to get ready for the season.  First of all, you should never ‘undecorate’ your home to decorate it.  This only doubles your workload.  There are just a few places in your home that need a little seasonal updating.  If you spruce up these places, it will feel like you really thought about the season, but you won’t have to spend an entire weekend getting ready for your fall harvest neighborhood dinner.  Focus on the Front Door/Stoop, Entryway, Dining Table, and Living Room.  You can certainly go crazy and elaborate in each of these places if you choose, but here are some simple examples that make a great statement.

1. Front Door/Stoop – Get creative with pumpkins!  Who says you have to have just a regular ol’ Jack o’ Lantern?  Check out these fabulous alternatives!  I’m definitely going to have a sparkly pumpkin on my stoop this fall!

A wreath is always a fantastic way to make a big statement to all of your visitors.  I love my burlap wreath that hangs on our door.  I change out the ribbon and seasonal baubles just a few times a year!  It’s so easy!  Check out my fall ribbon that I just put out! 

2. Entryway – It’s a really nice touch to bring the spirit of your porch into your home.  It illustrates consistency and flow and gives another punch of the season.  What a way to welcome your guests!  Indoor wreaths are a wonderful touch, and some are better suited for indoors like these amazing natural and cotton wreaths.  Both of these would transition well into the December holidays as well with just a switch of the ribbon!

I also love the buntings that seem to be everywhere.  This one is super cute!  I also love the ones that Liddabits makes!  Aren’t they adorable?

How about this other cool alternative?  I love those paper flowers.  They are so unique. 

Fresh flowers are a no-brainer for an entry.  They bring life indoors as well as texture, color, and aroma!  Aren’t these bouquets gorgeous?  You can do something elaborate or something simple.  Just make it you!

3. Dining Table – Since the biggest eating holiday of the year falls in autumn, you obviously have to address your dining table.  I love this collection of pumpkins.  It looks like the table has been meticulously thought out, but when you really examine it, they are just simple pumpkins on cake plates.  Brilliant!  One trip to the pumpkin patch, and your table is complete!  I also love the second image.  It looks so elegant, and once again, it only required a trip to the pumpkin patch and a few vines.  Simply lovely. 

I love the elegant touches of these tables.  The gold pumpkins are amazing.  You could pick up some plastic ones and spray paint them, or use real ones.  What a sophistated statement!  The wood chargers are a warm, rustic touch.  However, you could just as easily place them under fancy china as hand-thrown pottery.  They would also be great through the winter months or sprayed white! 

4. Living Room – Since you and your guests spend a large amount of time in your living room, you can do just a few easy things to spruce it up.  The easiest and quickest way to do so is to toss in a few pillows that reflect the season.  I love these orange chevron pillows and the adorable ‘trick-or-treat’ ones!  Nandina has loads of fabric options to help you create just the right custom pillows for your space!  Also, you can always place some flowers in this room, too!

Have a fabulous time ‘tricking’ out your home for the season!  We would love to see what you come up with!

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