Fabric Addiction

I recognize my addiction to fabric is out of control. Nothing gets my heart thumping like a luscious velvet or an intricate embroidery.  Oh lawd, I love ‘em! I have an intense respect for the art of designing and creating successful textiles. My obsession for fabrics comes from my first job in this industry before becoming an interior designer. I worked in the sample department at a fabric showroom as memo girl. So glamorous. I pulled samples of stunning fabrics for some of the most sought after designers in the South. I would stare and pet my day away while dreaming up what amazing project each pattern was destined for. Some of my favorite fabric details are embroidery and hand blocking. Both convey an artisan feel unlike any other. Truly pieces of art.

Birds in color lake Design by Caccoma Interiors

Lake Birds by Galbraith and Paul – Caccoma Interiors

Hand blocked? What? Contrary to popular belief it is not the cute little hand prints you get from your children for Mother’s and Father’s Day. It is actually an ancient process to add pattern to fabric essentially using layers of giant stamps to create a design. Galbraith and Paul make my favorite designs using hand blocking. I just love their fresh aesthetic and unique patterns. Completely customizable and made to order, a designer must have! I am head over heels for their newest pattern, “Parquet”. It’s simply amazing how they deliver the detailed design with blocks by human hands. Hats off to you Galbraith and Paul, well done!

Galbraith and Paul Parquet in color Light Cadet

Parquet by Galbraith and Paul

Galbraith and Paul Seville Tile in color Kiwi and Turquoise

Seville Tile by Galbraith and Paul

As a southern girl, embroidered monograms make my heart sing.  Adore seeing them on pillows, napkins, sheets, totes what have you. This has launched me into a full on love affair with embroidery in general. The embroidery that is happening this season in fabric collections is off the charts, ahhh-mazing! Samples of Colefax and Fowler’s pattern Bizet has been sitting next to me at my desk for the past 3 weeks. The colors and textures have me completely enthralled.

Colefax and Fowler Bizet 3

Bizet by Colefax and Fowler

We really ask so much of our fabric choices: let us sit on you, walk on you, look at you, don’t fade, don’t pill, don’t pick and hold up for years while taking a beating from our 2 years old, teenage boys and unruly puppy dogs. Hand blocked and embroidered fabrics and best used in light upholstery, drapery or pillow situations, back of a wing back chair possibly.

Groundworks Prismatic in colors Teal and Magenta

Groundworks Prismatic by Lee Jofa

Are you looking for some fresh fabric for your home? Stop by Nandina in Aiken or Atlanta to see some of the gorgeous samples we carry in store and chat with our designers. See you soon!

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  1. Posted by Suzanne Ruff

    It’s nice to know you are still addicted to gorgeous fabrics! I definitely share your addiction. Love your blog!

    Posted April 1, 2014 at 11:07 pm | Reply

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