Extraordinary Kitchen Islands

A great kitchen is an important part of any home, we often live in our kitchens. They serve as the family room and homework space in addition to being the source for food!  Creating a beautiful and functional kitchen can be very challenging but it is possible. Often the heart of the kitchen is the island; I have found a few which I think are quite extraordinary.


This kitchen has not only a great island but a custom made glass cabinet that was designed to allow light to pass through the skylight.  The green of the neutral base really pops andthe beautiful rugs are an eye-catchingtouch.  


This island was made to look like a very large dresser.  The marble top gives the piece a sophisticated look and having legs makes the room feel more open and spacious than it would otherwise.

This is a beautiful example of a very functional double island; the dining island has the same counter as the main counter while the island with the sink has a wood top, ideal for prepping vegetables!


Here we have a slightly different take on the double island, these two are very similar in basic structure although they serve completely different functions.  The stationary island has storage while the other is mobile with seating.


This beautiful rustic island is a great contrast to the white, clean lines of the rest of the kitchen.  The piece looks as though it could have been a great deal at an antique store and provides plenty of room for additional tableware as well as a substantial work surface.


This mostly white kitchen is subtle for the most part; this allows the island and hood to be the focus.  Although the island is simple the X on the end and the dark wood and counter give it great distinction.

Kitchen islands are great, functional pieces in a kitchen that often take on a personality of their own.  Whether it be a small island in a tiny kitchen or a grand island in an open floor plan, a kitchen island is always a welcome addition.

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