Entertaining Tips With Tobi Fairley & Kathryn Greeley

I love when AmericasMart here in Atlanta has Market Wednesday! It’s always fun to wander through some of our favorite showrooms without the (albeit energizing) crazy buzz of market crowds. Yesterday was an especially exciting Market Wednesday.

Tobi Fairley & Kathryn Greeley

Fresca and I had the pleasure of attending a fabulous lecture! The spunky and jazzy Tobi Fairley and the always elegant and gracious Kathryn Greeley teamed up to discuss one of their favorite topics – and one of mine – entertaining!

Tobi & Lathem

Fresca & Tobi

Kathryn & Lathem












Both designers are passionate about the gift of entertaining and shared many of their personal tips for creating a well-organized, beautiful, cohesive, fun, and memorable experience for your guests. As they said, having friends and family into your home is one of the greatest gifts that you can give and is a reflection on your style and hospitality (not to mention an opportunity to showcase some of your most treasured collections!) Here are some of my favorite pieces of advice that I try (and will try!) to put into practice when planning an event. I’ve used images from a monogram shower I recently hosted with some dear friends to illustrate what we did. Hopefully they help to inspire a future event for you!

Start with Invitations – Invitations set the tone for the event – the formality, color scheme, theme, etc. Be thoughtful about the type of paper, font, and graphics you select, because many assumptions are made about the occasion based on first glance.

Create a Festive Entry – Guests shouldn’t have to guess if they have arrived at the right place for the party. Start the excitement on the front steps! One of my fellow hostesses created these precious G’s for the future Mrs. Goodbar!

Let the Menu Reflect the Theme – For this bridal monogram shower, we designed and prepared foods that reflected the honoree in more ways than one! Also, spread the hor d’oevres (or courses) throughout the home in order to encourage mingling and prevent a logjam in the kitchen. Labels for dishes are also a great idea that is not only functional but an opportunity to integrate color and theme!

Fresh Flowers – Whether you pick them from your own garden, toss them in your cart at Fresh Market, or have them done by a florist, they are a MUST! Here are some arrangements we put together from flowers we bought at a wholesale florist.

Consider Lighting and Music – These to variables can truly take a nice event to a fabulous event! If you are having a romantic wine tasting for couples, light some candles and turn on some Spanish guitar. Heck, hire someone from a local music school or symphony if possible! Favors – In this case, all the favors went to the bride-to-be, but favors are a wonderful memento to give guests to remember the experience by. It could be as simple as getting to take home a small floral arrangement or a pair of cloth napkins. Or, everyone could receive a cd of the event’s music, monogrammed cookies, or a small candle. It’s a small touch that makes your guests feel extra special.

I hope you enjoy planning your next dinner party, baby shower, or brunch! Please check out my event Pinterest board for some exciting flowers and tablescapes. If you’d like some more inspiration, Kathryn Greeley published a beautiful book – The Collected Tabletop – in September, which I certainly grabbed yesterday. I highly recommend it! Its pages are full of inspiration for exquisite dinner parties, rich wine tastings, and festive football Saturdays, complete with delicious recipes, invitations, flowers, and tablescapes!

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