Elle Décor Selects Faux Bois as the Latest “Trend Alert”

A little over a year ago, we discussed faux bois, a term that means fake wood and is an element that is often incorporated into interior design through textiles, furniture, paper, and more. Recently, Elle Décor declared faux bois as its latest “Trend Alert,” but with new twists and spins placed on the look, such as the infusion of color.

This declaration naturally made us think of interesting ways faux bois can be incorporated into a room’s design, so below are a few ideas we’ve come across recently. If you’ve never considered adding the look of wood to your space before, perhaps you’ll gather a few ideas from these photos.

As you can see, faux bois can be incorporated in a number of ways and look fabulous each time!

How would you, or how have you, incorporated faux bois into your own home? Please leave a comment to share with the Nandina team!

Image 1 from Primitiveandproper.blogspot.com via Pinterest; image 2 from West Elm via Pinterest; image 3 from Flor via Pinterest; image 4 from Martha Stewart via Pinterest; image 5 from Houzz.

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