Eco-Luxury with LEE Industries

Sue Shannon and I just graduated from LEE Academy a couple of weeks ago. LEE Academy is not just a tour of the factory; it’s a three day educational experience. But more than that, we felt as if we had become a part of their company, a part of their family. LEE is a family-owned 40 year old North Carolina furniture company. LEE has been our partner since the day Nandina opened its doors. I now understand the ins and outs of how good furniture is made and how dedicated they are to making a product with excellent quality and style. It was amazing to see orders go in and watch the process from start to finish. I have always felt comfortable working with LEE and guiding clients to their furniture, but now I feel more confident in knowing the available options to create the perfect piece. They have wonderful frames, a fantastic selection of fabrics, and a great price point. You really can’t beat their customer service, especially our customer service team. (Go Team #1!) After going to the academy, I have such a great new respect for the company and everything they do for not only us but for the environment.

Below this beach house we worked on has three great LEE frames in the living area. Simple and soothing but with a fun punch of color. The seat cushions are made from renewable soy based foam. Soy beans, really! And it’s oh so comfortable…

From fabrics to cushions to frames, LEE is thinking of the environment down to the very core of each piece. This warm yet neutral room has furniture frames that are made of engineered wood panels, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

This bright and bold swivel chair has a back cushion that you can really sink into, a perfect addition to the master bedroom we put it in. Would you have ever guessed that the back cushion was made out of 100% recycled fibers from clear and white plastic bottles?

With hundreds of fabrics to choose from and tons of custom options, we can put several of LEE’s organic and natural fabrics on just one piece. Check out the details on this fabulous piece!

Imagine redoing your entire room and having pieces specifically made for you in four weeks. It’s completely possible with LEE Industries! Being made in America allows for faster shipping time and quality workmanship. You could have the room below before Thanksgiving!

LEE offers entirely “green” pieces considered naturaLEE. When getting a piece of LEE furniture, not only are you making a worthwhile investment in your life but you are helping the future. For every naturaLEE piece sold, LEE Industries donates a tree to the American Forests Organization. So next time you’re looking for a room re-do, large or small, consider an investment in our future, and consider a purchase from a great company like LEE!

– by Maria Huynh

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    Absolutely love LEE and their ECO initiatives. Thank you for posting!

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