Don’t You Want To Be My Secretary?

The secretary desk is a very interesting and unique piece of furniture.  Originating centuries ago, they were designed for home offices in large estates.  In the evening when business was over the door was shut to keep important documents out of sight.  Typically the base is drawers with the fold out writing surface on top and doors above.  Usually the secretary desk is made of wood and has gorgeous detail.  Today these beautiful pieces of furniture are used as writing desks and also displayed for their beauty.

Rustic secretary


This is what we typically think of as a secretary, although the finish is more rustic than the traditional finished wood.  Someone spent a lot of time giving this piece a weathered look.  The color combination is pleasing and pops off of the dark wall.  The entire room is a beautiful combination of styles giving it a very cozy feel.

White secretary, house beautiful


Although this piece is painted, you can see the wood peeking out from the interior compartments.  This photo is a stunning example of the modern use of this piece of furniture, I would certainly be encouraged to sit and write a note in the peaceful corner.

cream secretary


Another example of a lovely secretary, this one has a cream exterior and black interior; that contrast makes it feel somewhat modern.  The other black and white design elements give the space a sophisticated feel.

Secretary as bar


I love the use of this secretary, a bar!  Someone got creative here. The piece itself is exquisite and the glass doors make it perfect for this alternative use!

White secretary


Here is a secretary with more than one use.  There is still plenty of space for writing but part of the desk is used to display a collection, not a typical collection.  I’m sure it is interesting to sit there with those guys looking at you.

Hickory Chair secretary


This beautiful desk is from our very own Hickory Chair! Available in many finishes and hardware options, this is completely customizable.  Also those who have seen it in person know that there is a hidden compartment above the small drawers, the top lifts up!

Three drawer secretary


Although this handsome chest from Four Hands may not traditionally be considered a secretary, I love it!  When the writing surface is up, it appears to be a normal chest but when the panel is down eight small drawers are revealed!

Secretaries have come a long way since their simple, functional beginning.  If you are in the market for this multifunctional item, Nandina Home & Design can help find the perfect one for your space and style it to its greatest potential!





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