Designerly Details by Catherine Hersacher

When I was in graduate school a professor used the word “designerly” — I thought he was strange for making up words like that!  Over the years, I’ve adopted this word into my daily language because when something is “designerly”, it is one step beyond the everyday. When something is designerly, it is well appointed or expertly crafted. Often, what takes something one step beyond is the details involved in its creation. These details make projects go from being nicely done to the WOW!  factor.

One designerly detail is millwork. Millwork is all of the extra woodwork that goes into a house. The next image is absolutely beautiful with quintessentially designerly, millwork detailing.

In this room designed by Timothy Whealon– I adore the way he detailed the opening between the two rooms with the thin casing and then the paneled transom space above the doorway. This thin casing really accentuates the trim and gives a very rich feeling to the architecture of the room.

The beautiful world of decorative TRIMS…Yes, it is true… I am a fool for trim! Everything gets better with trim; from sofas to pillows, drapery to towels. 

To me, drapery is like frosting…no cupcake is right without it!

This flat roman shade is taken to a more dynamic level by adding the Fabricut pom-pom trim on the leading edge.

I adore these two neutral toned Kravet trims. Imagine a chocolate brown linen shade with this handsome trim hanging from the leading edge… Yumm!

In this beautiful room from House Beautiful, the blue is the bold pop of color. The cream drapery accentuates other brown accents with a fabulous wide Greek Key tape. How elegant! This drapery somehow reminds me of Hollywood… sighhh.

Another amazing little detail is nail head trim. Nail heads are typically found on upholstery pieces. One of my most favorite furniture companies for designerly details is Hickory Chair. Not only do they produce frames with details that go one step further than many other companies, but they also have thousands of ways that you can create your own custom piece.

In the amazing bedroom below – designed for Hickory Chair by Suzanne Kassler – She used a ribbon tape to accentuate the nail head on the bed; one of her signature pieces.

Beauty is in the details… don’t be afraid to let yours shine! As I like to say… it is the “designerly” difference!

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