Creative Work Spaces

As creative people we are constantly struggling to keep a balance between the “real world” and the artistic process.  One of the best ways to deal with this is to have a specific place to let our imaginations run wild such as an office or studio.  By doing this we train ourselves to be totally open to inspiration while here and then can go back to reality (as rarely as possible).  These creative havens can come in many different forms, for some it is a huge room with canvases and paint all over the floor where music can be turned all the way up, for others all that is needed is a quiet space with a writing surface or laptop.  It is very important to make this sacred place one’s own by adding photos that inspire, beautiful art, pictures of family and travel and words that you love.  Each space should be unique and personal to the person that builds it, if you love music be sure to have a radio or if nature inspires you, choose a room with great light and put the desk near the window.


This painting studio has a large table in the middle for projects but could also be cleared off and used as a desk.  The bookshelves are filled with personal memorabilia, art supplies and books.  Storage is very important in a creative space as being creative often requires a lot of stuff!


This office is quite simple.  There is plenty of room to read and write and a nice spot to pin important pieces on the wall.  The desk is uncomplicated yet quite beautiful with two chairs in case the creator has a guest! And of course fresh flowers make everything better!


I love the look of this space; it seems a little bit chaotic but oozes creativity.  The stacks of magazines and photos all over the walls make me imagine this must be a magazine editor’s office….


This elegant yet funky room looks like it could belong to a creative director or fashion designer.  It’s a great space to start with then adding the vertical stripe in the curtain gives the room even more height.  The decor is kept quite simple, mostly black and white with pops of color in the lamps and chairs and of course the image wall!

Architectural Digest

Here we have two examples of fabulous masculine work spaces.  The above is a comfortable and relaxing study that would be ideal for reading a book or sitting down to do your taxes.  The look is classic with a tone on tone palette and great natural light.   The second room has somewhat traditional bones with a modern twist. Although it features manly leather chairs and a rustic wooden table, the white sculpture in the bookcase unites the shelving and gives the space a minimalist, modern look.

Traditional Home

So I encourage you to find wherever it is you do your best work and don’t be afraid to make it your own. And Nandina Home & Design can help you find those perfect pieces that will get you started on the path to becoming a creative genius!


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