Consider the Possibilities of Shopping ‘Off the Registry’

We are now officially in the middle of wedding season! I personally will have been a part of two wonderful weddings this year and find the entire process has become quite a big deal. Now not only do we have the engagement party and the wedding itself but a ton of showers and parties filling the months in between.  I love weddings and am thrilled to be involved in them but the thing I really love is shopping for the gifts. Since I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful things at Nandina Home & Design I get to do what I love, shop off the registry!  While the idea of a registry makes perfect sense, for someone I know very well (such as my two friends getting married this year) I much prefer to surprise them!  Nandina has some great vendors with wonderful options for gifts that are sure to be treasured for years to come!

Europe 2 You Serving Board

Europe 2 You Cutting Boards

Europe 2 You is a wonderful company that sells many home and garden items, my favorites being the cutting & serving boards and storage containers. The products are ever changing and many of the pieces are made with wood from ancient European buildings scheduled for demolition. These are great, functional pieces for the kitchen that have a unique rustic look.

Beatriz Ball Soho Platter & Bowl

Beatriz Ball Hibiscus Platter

Also favorite among our clients & staff is Beatriz Ball.  This a a great company that offers serving pieces made from 100% recycled aluminum.  These pieces are beautiful and functional as they can go in the refrigerator, freezer, and oven up to 350*, also they will not tarnish or lose their shine.  Many different styles and sizes are available, everything from platters to salad bowls and picture frames.

Cake Vintage Placemat & Doily

Cake Vintage Cheese Paper & Coasters

Cake Vintage  is a new company that we have all fallen in love with!  Our favorite products from them are the Cake Papers, including beautiful paper coasters, placemats and napkins.  Each item has a beautiful design and are intended to be used as disposable pieces to help with cleaning up. There are also placements for children to color on and many different types of “modern doilies” to serve from!

Kalalou Tilted Pitcher

Kalalou Stemless Wine Glass

The last of my favorite gifts are the tilted pitchers and glassware from Kalalou! These are quite possibly the most unique pitchers you will ever see, the ribbed tilted pitcher being one of the best. These pitchers come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are perfect for a refreshing summer beverage or a beautiful flower arrangement. Kalalou also has a number of wonderful wine and champagne glasses including a substantial stemless wine glass which can also be used as a small vase or candle votive.

The idea of buying a “surprise gift” can be scary so I would only recommend this to someone who is very comfortable with the idea and willing to have fun with it.  I usually take a look at the registry to get some inspiration and then find something I know they will love.  I would not do this for someone I do not know very well and would not recommend “shopping off the registry” to everyone, but for these particular occasions it was the perfect thing to do!

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