Coffee Table Styling

I am often reminded that what may seem like a small detail in your home actually may take a great deal of planning.  One such project that always seems to take longer than anticipated is styling a coffee table.  It can be quite challenging to carefully curate your beloved belongings into just the right collection to reflect your personal style, history, and passions.

However, have no fear, because there are just a few rules that you can count on to help you create a cohesive and successful look!  If you include the following items, you are sure to create a balanced, well-conceived, collected look!

A container – A tray, box, or bowl will help corral smaller items, hide remotes, and make a large design statement.  Whether it is patterned, lacquered, or silver, it’s a reflection of you!

Something Tall – Add dimension and interest with height! Add a tall vase or cloche to feature some flowers or a special item.

One Oddball Object – This is your opportunity to showcase a piece that adds humor, has an interesting story, or that you picked up on your last trip!

(4) Something Fresh – Always, always, always include something living!  Whether it is a bouquet of fresh flowers, a bowl of moss balls, or your pet fish, the presence of something alive is always invigorating and lush. (5) Stack of Books – I believe in a stack of books on just about every surface!  Coffee table books are a reflection of your interests, passions, and history.  Invest in some beautiful ones that you love to flip through, read, and share with friends and family.  Heck, make one on blurb.com of your last vacation, and feature it!

By beginning with these few guidelines, you’ll be surprised how much easier it becomes!  Look at how each of these tables, although very different in style, share each of these elements.

Which of these is your favorite?  What does your coffee table look like?  What favorite elements have you included in your space?  If you would like some help styling your own coffee table, please come visit us at Nandina Home & Design.  We’d love to help you!  Have fun styling!


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