Bringing the Dining Room to Life

I began writing this with the intention of focusing on multifunctional spaces. Then I realized the room I most wish to bring to light is one that seems to be a dying breed, the dining room! I fear that in most homes the dining room has become one of two things, an empty room that gets used twice a year on those ‘special occasions’ or a drop zone needing to be cleared out if it were ever to actually be used for dining. My solution, bring back the dining room! Bring it back not only as a space for eating but as a library, a creative space or even an art gallery.

I love the idea of a library + dining room. For someone who loves books as much as I do, the idea of a room filled with them and a table in the middle is perfect! This concept can even be expanded upon, books in every room I say!

This set up is perfect for an eat-in kitchen; everything is out in the open with the pantry on display. Yes this concept may seem like extra work but it is a great way to keep inventory of food and encourage healthy eating habits… this of course if the jars are filled with yummy and nutritious food!

The photo wall is a gorgeous addition to the dining room that transforms a dull space into an impressive art gallery! And if that photo wall includes a photo ledge, what a great way to easily change out the pictures to include the latest masterpieces of family artwork.

This space could in fact be that most perfect haven for the wino-book-lover-foodie! This space is not only a dining room but a library and wine cellar! A trifecta of design.

Now of course, each of the spaces may not work in all homes but I encourage you to think outside the box! Take a passion or interest that you and your family have and make it a part of everyday life. There is no reason we cannot all have a lively, multifunctional and yet beautiful dining room that truly is the heart of our home!

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