“Before and After” The magic of a makeover

Who doesn’t love a makeover?  Whether it is photos of someone who has successfully lost weight, changed their hair style, or gutted and redesigned their kitchen, we are all fascinated by the transformation we see in the side by side “Before” and “After” pictures.  In the interior design business we have the opportunity to experience the excitement of a makeover almost every week.  There is something so rewarding about seeing the ugly duckling transform into the beautiful swan. Seeing the results of a successful makeover  is still one of the most exciting aspects of our business, both for our designers and for their clients. Almost any part of interior design can qualify as a makeover and earn a spot in our coveted “Before” and  “After” photo gallery.  But there are a few qualifiers that must be present :

  1. There has to be a before :  You have to have a starting point, it can be an old worn piece of furniture, an ugly dated wall color, a window full of drapes from the eighties or a totally outdated kitchen.
  2. The transformation has to be a show stopper:  The change can’t be subtle – taking a brown beige room to a grey beige room is not enough to qualify in the “Before” and “After” game of makeovers.  Even a much needed reupholster job of an old sofa or chair rarely on it’s own makes it into the coveted makeover photo gallery.  The after picture has to be so compelling that even the most untrained eye can see the difference.
  3. The “after” has to be both beautiful and functional.  It might be quite compelling to see an antique chest lacquered hot pink, but if it does not increase the value to the client and fit into the overall design it just isn’t good enough.


Below are some incredible interior design makeovers that have made the Nandina “Before” and “After” gallery.  They range from simple furniture repurposing or design to full scale room makeovers.  Enjoy the transformation!

1.  Victorian style sofa inherited from previous home owner.

2.  The Victorian sofa transformed to a French style with bright colorful fabric and fresh paint.

3.  Old frame of a cocktail table found in a barn ready for the dump.

4.  Salvaged cocktail table frame becomes a spectacular ottoman once it has been refinished and upholstered in green velvet.

5.  1940’s Drexel Heritage chest that has seen better days.

6.  1940’s Drexel Heritage chest finds new life with black lacquer paint.

7.  Dated bathroom vanity.

8.  A furniture chest as a sink vanity breathes new life into a dated bathroom.

9.  Dark and dated great room that the new owners wanted to infuse with light and color.

10.  The great room was transformed by painting the trim, building onto the bookcases, a new mantel and adding new lighting and furnishings.

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