Assemble Your Menagerie

A few months ago Lathem and I did a table setting for an event for The Atlantan where we spray painted toy animals silver and gold, since then it seems that we see critters everywhere!  Although we did get some funny looks from our coworkers, the event was wonderfully successful and customers in the store began to buy the critters like hot cakes.

This got us thinking about animals and now we are unstoppable, we love animals in decor!  Now we are not taking about taxidermied deer, we are talking about ceramic sculpture, animal illustrations and original art, of course!

Alligator illustration over settee


This is one of my favorite pieces from Natural Curiosities, this scary alligator print has another variation and is available as a triptych.


This bright blue elephant is a cheery pop of color for a dark desk, I would love to sit and write with this little guy! Global Views has some great elephants and other animal pieces to spruce up your workspace!

If elephants are not your thing, take inspiration from these little guys.  I love the relaxed look of the hippo and the monkey looks as though he is pondering something, his detailed feet and face make him quite unique.

These greyhound statues are both great additions to any room, the gold character is an unusual touch while the white one is very elegant.


Leather Animals


I absolutely adore this leather elephant, hippo and kangaroo, they are so quirky and fun I would love to have any of them!

These giraffes are similar in that they are both white ceramic, but they seem to each have their own personality the smaller one is quirky and the taller one bit more serious.

When I first saw this space I loved it, then I was thrilled when I found the close up photo of the table and the shark.  The blues and clean lines are perfection!


This fish is quite interesting, it appears to be wood or leather and it really stands out against the more modern console and art, also a fabulous critter!

Here at Nandina we love real animals as well as animals in decor.  I hope that I have inspired you to take a second look at critters and add a some whimsy to your world!

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