Artistically Inspired Spaces

Last week we celebrated some of the artistic talents of Atlanta with a Featured Artist Open House at Nandina’s Atlanta location, as well as by featuring each artist on our blog. Adding artwork to a room is a great way to complete its look and give it a well-rounded design, but what about using a work of art to inspire the design of a room?

Design blog Casa Sugar recently discussed this topic and shared a host of photos of paintings and rooms inspired by the paintings. We love this idea because, as designers, we know inspiration can be found anywhere! A work of art can inspire the obvious, such as a color palette, to the not-so-obvious, like an underlying pattern. Below are a few of the paintings and rooms they inspired.

The painting above was used as a source of inspiration for the following rooms color palette of rich, warm shades, as well as clean lines and dramatic pops of black.

Connections between the painting above and the following room include the cheerful peach and tangerine shades, as well as the gold accents.

And here’s an example of how we used a painting by our own John Ishmael in a room design. Notice the similarities in color and texture between the painting and the room.

Do you have dreams of building a room around your favorite painting or work of art? If so, tell us which elements from the artwork are inspiring your thoughts on the room! We would love to hear from you!

Images 1 – 4 from Casasugar.com. Image 5 from Nandinahome.com.

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