6 Tips to Create an Eclectic Home

The eclectic style is so popular right now in interior design. It’s achievable at any price point, and we love that this style works for all ages.

The whole idea of an eclectic space is mixing styles, cultures, time periods, trends, textures and colors. However creating an eclectic home can be very tricky! There’s a fine line between a beautiful eclectic space and just plain busy and cluttered.

Eclectic Home Nandina Design Home Office Modern Chandelier Dining Room

Follow our 6 tips to create a beautiful eclectic home:

  1. Create a focal point

    With the eclectic style, it’s so easy to go overboard or design a busy looking space. Creating a focal point helps draw the eye to one area of the room first. Utilize an eye-catching element such as a fireplace, large piece of art, or an accent wall.

  2. Choose one main color

    Picking one color to carry throughout your home will create a cohesive look. This unifying factor will help to ensure your space doesn’t look too cluttered or overwhelming.

  3. Utilize Contrast

    Mix something old with something new! Place an antique console table under a contemporary mirror, or try a leather chesterfield sofa paired with a geometric rug. The options are unlimited and you can have so much fun pairing items together to create your unique home.

  4. Edit your accessories down

    This is very important in any home, but especially so when you’re dealing with eclectic style. You don’t want your space to feel like a hodgepodge of items. Pick larger statement pieces that bring good lines and interest into your space.

    Eclectic Home Living Room Poof Leather Bar Stools Open Concept

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  5. Watch the scale

    This rule goes for any design style. Make sure that you pick appropriately sized pieces to fill your rooms. Also pay attention to how the pieces work together, as you want the proportions to be correct and cohesive.

  6. Try something new

    Don’t be afraid to try out a new style…that’s the whole idea of eclectic design! Mixing furniture and decor pieces together creates the perfect place for you to bring in a new item you otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

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