Augusta Interior Designers

Full-service, Family Friendly Luxury Interiors

Augusta Luxury Interior DesignEach home that the Nandina team touches is given a personalized look that meets the needs of our clients through functionality, purpose, quality, and beauty.

Our motto is “Real Life, Real Style,” incorporating the philosophy that kids, dogs, parties, and life do happen; and consequently we believe that no one needs to skimp on glamorous living because of them!

Nandina Home & Design proudly offers both residential and commercial design throughout Augusta, Georgia. Our team of interior designers is highly experienced and has worked on luxury projects ranging from color palettes and fabric selection to complete remodels and new construction. An added benefit of working with us is our in-house workroom, which offers full creative collaboration between our design team and our clients. If we can’t find that perfect piece, we’ll custom design it!

If you’re in need of a home that is stylish, timeless, and practical, Nandina Home & Design will work with you, your vision, and the rest of your family to achieve an interior that you will love for years to come.

Nandina Home & Design serves the towns of Aiken, Columbia, Evans, and Martinez.